by Sherri Poulson

Electrolysis and Laser hair Removal

​BOTH ELECTROLYSIS AND LASER require a SERIES OF TREATMENTS because of hair growth patterns. Whichever method you choose, the results will boost your confidence and save you time and money from temporary methods for years to come.

How Do I Get Started?

With electrolysis, only the visible hair can be treated.  with laser, the machine I use does not require the hair to be visible to be treated.

Does My Hair Have To Be Visible?

Different skin and hair types require different treatment options.  A combination of both electrolysis and laser is the most beneficial approach.  This provides you with the benefits of both procedures.

Why Offer Both?

Although electrolysis seems old school it is still the only form of PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL that has been approved by the FDA. While other methods temporarily remove the hair, electrolysis is a permanent solution for all types and colors of hair.

Laser is a state of the art procedure in hair removal. Laser is a fast and effective way to PERMANENTLY REDUCE your visible hair. While treatments are not usually as effective on gray, blonde, or red hair; it is always wise to get a consultation first.  The color of the melanin at the root of the hair can be different from the color of visible hair, which can be discovered during a consultation. This procedure is great for doing all areas of the body including larger areas such as legs or backs. The laser is a much faster method of hair removal than conventional electrolysis.

Electrolysis Facts

Laser Facts

What Sherri has learned from her 25 years experience in the industry

Coming in for a private consultation is the first and most important step towards solving your unwanted hair problem. All consultations are free, and will help you better understand the hair removal procedures.  I will be able to determine whether youre an appropriate candidate for either treatment. While electrolysis and laser work for most people, hormone fluctuation can affect your results. However, I can give you an educated guess on the overall time commitment and approximate price you will be investing. From years of experience, I have learned that every case is vastly different.